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Club AntiChrist runs 6 times a year and is Europe's largest crossover clubbing event. Blending multiple music genres Industrial, Goth, post punk and metal across multiple dance-floors, with a fully equipped dungeon, live bands and theatre. Now in its 11th year. AC now revolves its venue location so please check the latest event for full details on location and opening times.

AC is attended by up to 1500 people, with each venue having a unique feel and layout.


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Twisted Fairytales - March 3rd 2017


05 February, 2017
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Not NYE Party - January 7th 2017

11 November, 2016
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LAST Event November 6th - Post Halloween party!

19 September, 2014
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Want a flavour of what to expect at AC? Watch the video to our 9th Birthday Party in June 2013!

AC Video - 9th Birthday 2013

16 May, 2014
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