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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Club Times
Dress Code
Age Restriction
Wheelchair Access
Music policy
Venue and Directions


 You can also read all about the rooms and zones at AC HERE

Where can I buy tickets?

On our website HERE

On the door on the night. Even if advance tickets sell out we always keep 300 tickets on the door.


I want to buy tickets on your website, but there's no secure 'padlock' sign. Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe! We use an iframe to put the Ticketscript shop data on our website, so it's a secure, encrypted connection.


I'm having problems purchasing a ticket, what do I do?

Please visit http://company.ticketscript.com/uk/support/ - there are solutions to the most common problems, and a way to contact Ticketscript for the more unusual!


Can I have tickets posted?

No, I'm afraid not! All tickets are now E-Tickets issued by http://company.ticketscript.com apart from a very small amount of physical tickets sold in the London shops mentioned above.


I have not recieved my E-Ticket.

Please check your spam/junk box! Everyone will receive an email from Ticketscript. If you have not had this mail, please visit http://company.ticketscript.com/uk/support/


Entering with an E-Ticket

 You will need to take your e-ticket with you to the entrance at the club.  You can print ii and bring it on paper, or you can show your ticket on your phone! Turn up the screen brightness so we can scan the barcode, and save paper!

Your ticket will be scanned by staff, and you will be given a handstamp and told where to find the cloakroom and changing area.

Please note if you are unable to attend AC for any reason or if you are refused entry you will not recieve a refund. All ticket sales are non-refundable. R.O.A.R. applies. Please check our dresscode as well, if in doubt as to what to wear to AC.

What time is the club open?

For Fire: Doors open at 11pm, doors close at 2.30am, and the club shuts at 6am.

For Electrowerkz :The doors open at 10pm. The doors close at 2.30am, and the club shuts at 6am.

On NNYE the club is open until 7.30am

Do you allow cameras in Club AntiChrist?

Cameras and mobile phone cameras are NOT permitted in Club AC unless you have a photopass from us clearly displayed on your person.

If you are caught taking pictures you will be asked to leave NO REFUNDS!

If you are caught taking photos/video, your images will be deleted, and you will be ejected from the venue, no refunds, no warnings!

You may use your mobile phone to make calls in the foyer.


I am a photographer, may I take photos at AC?

Possibly, please contact us with links to your work. If we have room for you, we'll contact you about obtaining a photopass.


What is the dress code?

Alternative! If you would look out of place at a normal pub/club/PTA meeting, you're on the right track!

We have clubbers who channel the vibe of: Punk, Goth, Vampire, Fetish, Rockabilly, Cybergoth, Steampunk, Lolita etc

They wear rubber, leather, lace and PVC... they like uniforms and corsets, ballgowns and braces...


What Wont Get You in:

No street clothes, No trainers, No 'normal' suits, No denim
Simply arriving in street wear and wearing a mask won't do.
Boys - taking your top off also won't do if you are not Alt/fet and 'dressed up'.
Naked is not an outfit, even if it's your 'thang'. Nudity is fine but you must look the part and make the effort, so by all means expose yourselves but full nudity without looking the part or making an effort to will not gain you entry.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a ticket and are not appropriately dressed you wont get a refund if we refuse you entry. (ROAR)

We do also patrol the club so if you are inappropriately dressed and have slipped past the door team you may still be asked to leave and will not be refunded. I STRESS THIS IS A FEW or the minority but as we have been getting busier a few people who have not made the effort have either snuck through the door check, or changed into street clothes once inside! This won't continue!

Our dress code is broad and we are not elitist, but we do want to ensure that everyone attending feels comfortable and safe.

If in doubt please do email us for advice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check the AC Galleries for ideas of what to wear to AC.

If you are introducing friends to AC for the first time, please do point out the dress code in advance.


Obviously there are always exceptions, for instance Cyberdog or band t.shirts are fine if you are clearly alternative or look the part in context with the rest of your outfit.

ROAR applies at all AC events - NO REFUNDS!


Do you allow Nazi insignia at AntiChrist?

Yes. Not because we are Nazis, or approve of Nazi'ism, but because we don't believe in censorship, and we understand that some people enjoy wearing the symbols for their own personal reasons.


Can I bring a (real) symbolic weapon as part of my outfit?

I'm afraid not. This is the decision of the venue's security team. You will be searched upon entry, and anything they declare dangerous will be held for you until you exit the venue.

Claw rings and studded belts/collars etc are fine though, it's just items such as swords and daggers that aren't allowed in. Play items such as whips, paddles and canes are all ok. Pretend weapons such as steampunk ray guns or replica pistols etc are also fine, but security will want to check that they are fake or de activated.


Is there an age restriction at AC?

Sadly yes, it's 18+, much as we'd like to corrupt the young and innocent. There is no upper limit...


Does the venue have wheelchair access?

Fire: Yes, everything apart from one seating area is on the ground floor. There is also an accessible toilet.

ELECTROWERKZ : Wheelchair users who wish to attend AC to stay on the ground floor and have access to our dungeon and chillout areas will be given free entry. Dress-code still applies. For all other events please check the event page for details or by all means drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What facilities are provided at the venue?

There will be hot food for sale at most events (venue dependent), large cloakrooms, a screened communal changing area (or changing facilities at differing venue locations), private outdoor smoking area, and indoor heating. There is a fully equipped dungeon with house domme, a blacked-out couples/naughty area at selected events, and usherettes handing out free condoms and sweeties! There is also usually a PhotoBooth where you can have your photo taken professionally with props etc for a fee.

PLEASE NOTE: From mid 2015 AC will be running at varying locations/venues. Each venue will have a unique footprint of rooms and facilities so please check each event listing for open times and a full rundown o what you can expect at that location/event


How often is Club AntiChrist on?

AntiChrist runs every other month. You can find a full list of events HERE


When will I get my Photo booth photos?

The Photo booth is run by van Sadler Creative https://www.facebook.com/vanSadlerCreative/ pleae check directly with them!


What are the rules at Club AntiChrist?

  • No cameras. Official photographers will wear press badges.
  • AntiChrist, Fire and Electrowerkz have a strict no drugs policy
  • No (solo) wanking. If you're caught doing this you will be ejected from the club with no refund given. It's not consensual!
  • Dungeon specific rules will be displayed in the club.


What should I do if I spot/have a problem?

If you see something that you think is not allowed (eg someone taking a photo/lone man/woman in the couples area) OR if you have a problem yourself (eg you've lost an item/think the aircon should be on but isn't...) there are several people you can talk to.

  1. Security, they are generally lovely and friendly, and can be found by the main entrance and the smoking area doors.
  2. Dungeon staff, also lovely, located in the dungeon and outside the couples area door.
  3. Ticket booth staff, between 8pm-2.30am there will be a member of staff in the ticket booth (but please remember you may have to wait till they have served their customers first).
  4. DJs (guest DJs may not be able to help with certain queries, but all our residents should be able to!).
  5. d.Void or Missy, it may be hard to find us at times, and d can't do anything else when he's DJing, but we are otherwise happy to help!

If you spot something amiss but don't tell anyone, we can't get it fixed! We are happy to sort out heating/aircon, music levels, cleaning issues etc on the night, so do pass it on! DO TELL US ON THE NIGHT SO WE CAN RESOLVE THE ISSUE FOR YOU! :)


What goes at AntiChrist?

Nudity and all consensual fetish activity are MORE than welcomed at Club AntiChrist. Solo wanking is not allowed, as it's not consensual. If you are caught doing this you will be ejected from the venue with no warnings and no refund.


I got kicked out of an alternative club for being 'naughty' with my girlfriend. Will you kick me out too?

No. If it's consensual and legal, it's up to you!


What kind of music do you play?

We play a cross section of Industrial, Goth, Industrial metal, 80s, alternative anthems.... Our main objective was in the fetish side of the club to have a fetish environment not set to Hard house or Funk!! There will be ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THIS!

We have several dance floors, The Hellfire Room (Goth/Alt, Post Punk and industrial metal), PFI  (TBM, futurepop and dark electro) and The Hole (music alternates, sometimes metal, sometimes old school industrial, once grunge... ) 

How do I get to the venue, and can I park there?

Finding our Venue Location:

Below you'll find all the information you need to come by London Underground, over ground train, car etc with all the details where applicable.

Should you require any information not listed here please do us our contact form OR email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Club AntiChrist venue details:

Club AntiChrist @ Electrowerkz,
7 Torrens Street,
(020) 7837 6419
Club AntiChrist @ Fire
39 Parry Street,

 Note: please do not phone the venue to enquire about tickets. They do not deal with tickets and can not hold, sell or save them!


London Underground:


Take the tube to Angel on the Northern line. On exiting the tube turn left at the first junction (which is large and you cant miss it) turn left again, almost straight away you'll see the next left which is a short cobbled road at the end on the right side you'll find Electrowerkz. It's only a few minutes walk from Angel Tube to AC

Check Transport for London's website here to plan your routes and travel times.


Vauxhall tube station is on the Victoria line. Head East on Bondway then turn right onto South Lambeth Place. Follow that all the way until it ends at South Lambeth Road, and the entrance is on your right!



By Car:


Use the map below to get to Angel Islington and the venue is a few yards on the left after passing the Pentonville Road and turning into the A1 . The venue does not have a car park.

Paid Car parks HERE (from 4 minute walk)

There is plenty of free parking in the surrounding streets (until 8.30am and after 6.30pm) HERE



use Parkopedia!


Buses and Over Ground Train Connections:


Many of the buses stop right outside the venue.

The following services stop in Angel :
4, 19, 30, 38, 43, 56, 73, 153, 205, 214, 274, 341, 394, 476
Night routes N19, N38, N41, N73

Check Transport for London's website here to plan your routes and travel times.

Rail:Kings Cross is the closest mainline rail station. Highbury And Islington is the nearest overground station.
Bus: Various buses and night buses stop in City Road and Upper Street.

Plan your journey with National Rail here

The Eurostar brings you to Kings Cross St Pancras, where you can get the Northern Line striaght to Angel Tube Station - no changes.

The opening hours of St Pancras are Mon - Fri: 03:45 - 00:30, Sat: 05:00 - 00:30 so you can arrive at midnight and leave straight after the club the next morning!

London Waterloo is also only a short tube ride away, so you can travel from far afield!



The following bus routes arrive at Vauxhall: 2, 36 (24hr), 77, 87, 88 (24hr), 156, 185,
196, 344 (24hr), 360, 436, N2, N87, N136

Head East on Bondway then turn right onto South Lambeth Place. Follow that all the way until it ends at South Lambeth Road, and the entrance is on your right!




If you want to get a taxi home after the club, security can give you the number of a reputable company at the door. They will also allow you to wait inside the building for your cab if you wish. NOTE: Many of the cabs waiting outside the venue are unlicensed and we recommend you ask security on the door for the telephone number to call a licensed cab.



If you are traveling a great distance for AC, or you want to have a whole weekend in London, you may want a hotel room.
Check here for a list of hotels close to Electrowerkz.
Local hotels:-

Jurys Inn London Islington Hotel,
60 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9LA

Premier Inn London Angel Islington
18 Parkfield Street, London N1 0PS





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