anti2smlClub AntiChrist opened its doors on Sunday 2nd May 2004 at The Electric Ballroom in London. At this time it was simply an extension of what d.Void wanted from a club. He frequented Slimelight, TG, Full Tilt (which had recently closed) and it was a simple idea to merge genres with an added fetish element. There was no plan for it to run long-term it was simply lets build the club we want to go to, get drunk and Party!

AC ran for 3 events at The Electric Ballroom all on a Sunday preceding a Bank Holiday. It was fun, it was a fledgling idea in embryonic form. As a Party it was well received but it had flaws, the Ballroom didn't have enough rooms, nudity wasn't permitted, nor was actual fetish 'play' or dungeon equipment and to have bands an performers on stage interrupted the main dance floor and we had to close at 3am.

ac lite flyerIn Dec 2008 we took the decision as the venue wanted us to run monthly to alternate main AC's with a smaller stripped down version; AC-LITE. Which basically was AC without stage shows, cutting costs and halving the ticket price. For all intents and purposes this was a spectacular failure!

After 4 AC-LITES we decided AC was AC, it was an event, a spectacle and it was better to have less but larger full AC's rather than to water down our vision. From that point on AC ran bi-monthly and AC-LITE became part of AC history.

flyer nov23rd smlFollowing a 3 year hiatus having parted company from The Electric Ballroom, the manager of Sin in Charring Cross approached d.Void and Missy and asked if we wanted to re-launch AC. This was planned for May 2007, at the last minute Sin changed hands and the date was moved to November 23rd 2007.

AC now took the form and became closer to the AC you now know and love. A fully equipped dungeon was added, multiple dance-floors including ::PUREFUCKINGINDUSTRIAL:: and The Hellfire Room as well as 5 bands on downstairs and 8 hours of non stop theatre upstairs. It was a sold out event and a crazy night!

AC dec30th smlIn 2011 we decided New Years Party's, damn they were expensive! The travel home was horrendous so we thought let us do an AC NOT New Years Eve Party the day before... we'd still celebrate, still have a midnight countdown. We thought will peeps still travel a day early and yes you did it was a MASSIVE success and also the first where we bravely decided to hire the downstairs clubbing venue 'VOX' as well as The Colosseum upstairs. That worked tremendously well meaning PFI AND The Hellfire Room could both run all night as well as having a 3rd dance floor after 2am in the Theatre of Sin room...

From here on AC took all its levels including VOX for every AC and AC became even bigger and better and turnouts just grew and grew despite the recession and many other clubs either closing or not being well attended.

AC feb 2008In Dec 2007 we found out that Sin in Charring Cross was due to be pulled down to make way in the name of supposed progress for a new Tube Station. We looked for a venue that was multi-room and that could become a more permanent home for AC and we found Club Colosseum in Vauxhall. Our first AC was booked at The Colosseum for Feb 29th 2008.

There was a mixed reaction to start, it's South of the river etc... but despite this the event sold out the upstairs part of The Colosseum and AC was booked to be there 4 times a year.

ac flyer small historyIn February 2014 we found out that sadly our home and beloved Club Colosseum was also falling foul of the developer and was due to be demolished in April to make way for a new Embassy building. We were to be frank devastated as we loved the management at The Colosseum it felt like home.

However it's not the first time AC has had to move without choice, in fact this will be the 3rd time and with each move it brings new elements, a refreshing change and we announced we would be moving to The Electrowerkz for our July 11th 2014 Party. Fitting also that in fact this event we will be celebrating over 10 years of AC. The rest as they say is history in the making!

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