anti2smlClub AntiChrist opened its doors on Sunday 2nd May 2004 at The Electric Ballroom in London. At this time it was simply an extension of what d.Void wanted from a club. He frequented Slimelight, TG, Full Tilt (which had recently closed) and it was a simple idea to merge genres with an added fetish element. There was no plan for it to run long-term it was simply lets build the club we want to go to, get drunk and Party!

AC ran for 3 events at The Electric Ballroom all on a Sunday preceding a Bank Holiday. It was fun, it was a fledgling idea in embryonic form. As a Party it was well received but it had flaws, the Ballroom didn't have enough rooms, nudity wasn't permitted, nor was actual fetish 'play' or dungeon equipment and to have bands an performers on stage interrupted the main dance floor and we had to close at 3am.


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